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Achilles Tendon Repair

There are normally two options for repairing an Achilles tendon rupture. Mr Heidari will be able to advise which is the better option for you, bearing in mind your age, symptoms and sporting activities:

Non-operative (conservative) treatment: if the torn ends of the tendon are close together, it may be possible to enable the tendon to heal itself by putting the calf in a plaster cast or brace for a few weeks. The advantage of this type of Achilles tendon repair is that you won’t need to have surgery but there is a slightly greater risk of the tendon rupturing again in the future, and it may remain weaker than it was before the injury.

Surgery: having Achilles tendon repair with surgery involves having a general anaesthetic, as well as an additional injection near the site of the operation to reduce pain after surgery. It’s usually carried out as day case surgery. Reattaching the tendons (using minimally invasive techniques) can result in a quicker recovery and mean there is less risk of the tendon rupturing again in the future. It is often advised for younger people, especially if you take part in sport.

What happens after surgery?

When you wake up from the anaesthetic your foot will be numb and pain-free and will be raised to minimise swelling. You’ll see one of our physiotherapists the day after the operation to begin a personalised exercise programme that includes exercises designed to strengthen your ankle and retain strength and flexibility in your body. Following this exercise programme will help you gain the maximum benefit from your surgery

What can I do to speed up my recovery?

Making sure you stick to the exercise programme will help you to get back to your normal activities as quickly as possible. It can also help to keep weight off the foot as much as possible for the first few days and raise it above the level of your heart whenever you can to help reduce swelling. You may also be advised to take anti-inflammatory painkillers.

You can find more information about recovering from Achilles tendon repair in our downloadable patient information leaflet.